Finally, it's time to ditch the overwhelm working with Cricut Design Space!

  • Does the thought of Cricut Design Space have you feeling lost and confused?
  • Are you feeling stuck before you've even gotten started?
  • The time is now to take control of your Cricut and create all the beautiful things!
  • Learning a new skill can be a little bit challenging, but remember that practice makes perfect.
  • This ebook will empower you to take control of your Cricut, once and for all!
  • You'll see your Cricut machine as a tool that can propel you rather than hold you back.  

Why do you need this e-Book?

  • Using your Cricut should be FUN, not frustrating.
  • The entire learning process is created for ALL LEVELS of Cricut owners.
  • It's an affordable price that will teach you a ton of PRICELESS information. 
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Practice Files

The more you practice, the better you'll be. This e-book gives you a ton of great practice files to work with and follow along every in each lesson. 

Easy to Follow

Easy to follow examples, screenshots, and tutorials used throughout the book. You're literally guided throughout the entire process so there is no confusion.

Cricut Shortcuts

Shortcuts are great! This e-Book is packed full of tricks, tips, and shortcuts that will help you learn your Cricut machine faster! (and be the envy of all your Cricut friends!)

In this Master Cricut Design Space Guide, you'll find answers to: 

① Organizing all your creations

② Touching up images and fonts

③ Finding fonts to upload and alter

④ Sizing for different project needs

⑤ Using all the functions related to Cricut Design Space

⑥ Shortcuts that can cut your workflow in half!

⑦ Tips on how I created some of my favorite designs

Over 170 pages (18 chapters) of step-by-step tutorials, tips, tricks, hacks and secrets! 

What can you expect from this Master Cricut Design Space ebook? So many great things! Here’s a small overview of the topics covered in the Cricut Design Space e-Book.

Chapters Included:

  • 1. Install Design Space and Connect & Connect Your Cricut to your Computer
  • 2. Cricut Design Space Tour
  • 3. Canvas Interface Overview
  • 4. Make It Interface Overview
  • 5. Save, Edit, Copy & Share a Project
  • 6. Operation and Colors in Design Space
  • 7. Change Colors With Color Sync
  • 8. Upload Images & Patterns in Design Space
  • 9. How to Clean Up an Uploaded Images
  • 10. Slice, Weld, Attach, Group & Contour
  • 11. How to Offset In Design Space
  • 12. Resizing in Cricut Design Space
  • 13. How to Edit Text in Design Space
  • 14. How to Print, Then Cut & Flatten
  • 15. Align, Rotate & Arrange
  • 16. How to Work With Templates In Design Space
  • 17. Creative Ways to Use Shapes in Design Space
  • 18. Add a Custom Material in Design Space


The time is now to conquer your Cricut and take charge. This ebook will not only teach you, but it will empower you to create and think outside the box. 

Stop wasting time searching on Google or on YouTube for the perfect video. Stop leaving your projects unfished because you don't know how to complete them.Stop neglecting yourself in your creative abilities. 

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See yourself finishing this book and conquering Cricut Design Space once and for all! Don't delay and check out this helpful guide today.

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